I am no Beauty Queen..I am just Beautiful Me

I am sure you can understand what i am gonna write from the title itself.yes it’s about beauty.being beautiful is not about the face,it’s about the heart.what everybody don’t understand is being beautiful is not from the face but from inside.”i met a girl who once was beautiful from the face,but from inside i have to tell she was a devil.she thinks she is the most beautiful person in this whole world.one day there was someone who made her understand what is the meaning of beauty.its none other than god”.I am sure no one wants to know what happened to her as it was a terrible ending.so please girls and boys don’t judge yourself on the basis of your beauty.for you you are the most beautiful person in the world.but don’t show off this to others , because they are the one who are going to judge whether you are beautiful are not.

           by writing this article i may seem horrid to you.but i don’t mind what people think of me.i am myself.i am no beauty queen to think about what others say.i am just beautiful me.